Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Online Safety - Parental Resources

You may have seen in our parent and child specific safeguarding resources, along with our curriculum offer, that we work hard to ensure that each of our families have a strong understanding of what it means to be safe online. Every child has access to, and is consistently taught about e-safety in our age appropriate Oasis Online Safety Curriculum - covering all government requirements for 'Education in a Connected World'. 

Understanding the digital world, and the rapid transitions and developments that are made within it, can feel overwhelming at times; keeping up with changes and finding the right information for you can be confusing, particularly with a wealth of resources available. Whilst we work hard to keep children safe in school, we know we need to be in partnership with yourselves as parents and carers to educate and safeguard outside of the school environment. 

So what can you do? We've collated some information below with links to resources to help you keep up to date with digital changes, but also give you a good grounding for what you can share with and talk to your child about.

Start talking about managing online safety

Online relationships

Personal Safety

Privacy and Security

Online Bullying

Online Reputation

Self Image and Identity