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How to Apply

Nursery Admissions

Please contact us directly for Nursery admissions. We can offer 15 and 30 hours funded places.

Morning sessions are from 8:45am to 11:45am

Afternoon sessions are from 12:30pm to 3:30pm

Reception Admissions 2020/2021

We are a non-selective Academy open to pupils of all religious faiths and those of no faith.  Admissions at Oasis Academy Bank Leaze are co-ordinated under the Common Application Form via Bristol City Council. If you are a parent or carer and wish to apply for a place at Oasis Academy Bank Leaze for the following September, you will need to complete the Common Application Form via the Bristol City Council website.

Please note, an admission to Nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception. Our current Published Admission Number (PAN) for Reception is 30.

How places will be allocated

Where there are more applications than places available at a the Academy, allocations will be made in the following order of priority as set out in sections 1, 2 and 3 below. Initial allocations will involve only those applications submitted “on time”. Applications submitted after this date may be disadvantaged, as available places at the preferred school may have already been allocated. Priority is not given to first preferences. We aim to meet the highest preference possible for every applicant by applying the published over-subscription criteria equally to all applications for a school.

  1. Children in Care
    Children in Care are children who are in the care of a local authority or provided with accommodation by that authority under section 22 of the Children Act 1989.
  2. Siblings
    Where there are siblings in attendance at the preferred school or paired junior school and who will still be on roll in the year of entry. Sibling refers to brother or sister, half brother or sister, step brother or sister or the child of the parent/carer’s partner where the child for whom the place is sought is living in the same family unit at the same address as that sibling.
  3. Geography
    Children living closest to the school as measured in a direct line from the home address to the school. The home address is where the child spends the majority of the time and is living with the person who has parental responsibility and is the main ‘carer’ as defined in section 576 of the Education Act 1996 (documentary evidence may be requested). If a child regularly lives at more than one address the LA will have to reach a conclusion about which should be counted as the main address when allocating places. This will normally be the address where the Child Benefit is paid and where the child is registered with a doctor.

Where there are more applications than there are places remaining within a particular category, siblings will be given priority. After this, direct line distance from home to school will be used as a tiebreak. When the furthest distance to qualify for a place relates to a household containing two or more children for whom applications are being made (eg twins), the place will be offered to one child. The remaining child(ren) will be considered under the sibling criterion if further places become available. Where two or more children live in a flat or other multi-home dwelling and it is not possible to determine which applicant lives closest to the preferred school as measured in a direct line from the building to the school, the available place(s) will be allocated by drawing lots. Any offer of a place determined by random allocation will be overseen by a member of staff from the Legal Division of Bristol City Council. Distances will be measured in a direct line from the Local Property Gazetteer point on the home address as held by Bristol City Council to a point within the main school building using a computerised mapping system.

NB: Children with Statements of Special Educational Needs follow the arrangements set out in the SEN Code of Practice and associated regulations and are not subject to the general admission arrangements. Where a school is named in a child’s Statement of Special Educational Needs, the child will be allocated a place before the above criteria are applied.

Please note: The admissions criteria above are those of our Local Authority for community schools. There is an appeals process and all Oasis Academies follow the nationally agreed guidance for admissions appeal.


Parents/carers will have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel if they are dissatisfied with an admission decision of the Academy. The Appeal Panel will be independent of the Academy. The arrangements for Appeals will be in line with the School Admissions Appeals Code published by the Department of Education.

Appellants should contact Bristol City Council for information on how to appeal. Information on the appeals process is on the Bristol City Council website http://www.bristol.gov.uk/schools-learning-early-years/primary-school-new-reception-admission-appeals

For in year transfers or admissions, please contact the school office for more information.

OABL Admission Arrangements for 2020/2021

For more information please read the booklet ‘Your child’s primary education in Bristol’ on Bristol City Council website

Want to come pay us a visit?

We always welcome visitors at our Academy. We will schedule open days throughout the year for parents and carers to come for a tour of the academy and to meet our leadership team. 

Keep an eye out for our next open day dates!

We are able to cater for parents and carers who are unable to visit on these days by special request. Get in touch with the school office and we'll be pleased to arrange a date with you.

E: info@oasisbankleaze.org

Tel: 01275 894 580