Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Community Hub

We offer opportunities for extended learning beyond the core Academy day. Our extended provision through our Hub team is at the centre of our community work. The team deliver a wide range of services which engage public, voluntary and business sectors in the establishment of a centre of education and lifelong learning. We aspire for the Academy to be at the heart of our local community, recognised by others for our clear understanding and support of local issues and awareness of community needs.

At Oasis we recognise that people are not two-dimensional beings; we are each a whole person with a broad range of aspirations and needs and these needs are interconnected. To truly help someone with their educational needs, it is vital to also be aware of their emotional needs, spiritual needs and economic needs.

As such, we believe in communities that are holistic, interconnected and totally inclusive. We call our model for these communities ‘Hub.’ Watch the video above to learn more about our vision for hub.

Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Oasis Academy Bank Leaze and Oasis Academy Long Cross and the surrounding communities of Shirehampton, Lawrence Weston, Sea Mills and Avonmouth are part of Oasis Hub North Bristol.  The hub runs a number of services for the community.  By ensuring that all these services are joined up and rooted in same ethos we want to see the entire community transformed for the better.

For more information on any of our projects or to find out what we have coming up, please visit our website or contact us directly by email at

Hub Projects

Our projects include:

  • The Oasis Community Shop: located on Ridingleaze, Lawrence Weston. Affordable children's clothes, toys & craft items for sale. Regular sewing & craft workshops and courses for adults plus children's workshops during school holidays. Facebook page: Oasis Community Shop
  • Holiday Activities: a range of targeted and open access free activities for children and young people are run throughout the academy holidays.
  • Counselling Service: based at Long Cross Children's Centre. Free support for all members of the community.
  • Family Support: The Hub's Leader & Community Engagement Worker offer weekly Family Support sessions for any parent needing advice, support or to talk through a problem. 
  • Juicy Blitz Youth Project: Based on Ridingleaze, Lawrence Weston. Free activities for young people aged 10-19, up to 24 years old if you have additional needs. Activities include: Health & wellbeing workshops & activities, Young Peoples Cafe, 121 support, community projects & sports. Facebook page: Juicy Blitz Young Project
  • Other services include: Financial literacy programme, therapy dog sessions with Barley, targeted holiday programmes, Family craft activities and mentoring at Oasis Academy Brightstowe.