Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


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Term 4

Term 4 Newsletter

Term 3 

Term 3 took an unexpected turn as we had to close to most pupils. Knowing what works well for our school, and based on parent and pupil feedback, we have followed exciting weekly topics as a whole school together. Take a look at our COVID remote learning offer to find out more about how we will deliver your learning. Thank you for all your lovely feedback and brilliant work so far- keep going!

Here are our weekly topics based around great books:

Wk 1 Wc 4.1.21

Toys (Traction Man)

Wk 2 Wc 11.1.21

Frozen (Lost and Found)

Wk 3 Wc 18.1.21

What’s in the Woods? (various)

Wk 4 Wc 22.1.21

What can I create? Aardman (various)

Wk 5 Wc 1.2.21

Have you filled a bucket today? Children’s Mental Health Week (Have you filled a bucket?)

Wk 6 Wc 8.2.21

Together- we recycle (Clean up, ….)


Term 2

Welcome to our Nursery! Our learning this term is based around the story  "Around The Table That Grandad Built" by Melanie Heuiser Hill.

Term 2 Newsletter