Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


At Oasis Academy Bank Leaze every child has the chance to access a variety of enriching experiences from Nursery through to Year 6. We build this into day-to-day lessons but also through organising special events, day trips, visitors and family events. 

We believe passionately in the value of a fully rounded education. That is why we commit to every pupil in our academy having the chance to learn how to play a musical instrument proficiently and begin to read musical notation. Our Music curriculum is led by experts. Children learn the basics of music in Years 1 and 2, with the focus on signing and developing rhythm. In Years 3 and 4 the children learn to play the recorder, whilst in Years 5 and 6 all pupils learn to play a brass instrument – either trumpet or trombone and perform as part of an ensemble. The school as has choir which has performed at notable venues.

At the heart of our curriculum is our belief that the students will only gain as much understanding as the experiences that we provide them allow. Therefore, visits are integral to the student experience in the academy. A student in the academy will have the chance to: visit a coast-line; visit Bristol Zoo, climb to the top of a lighthouse, explore their understanding at the science museum, ride the London Eye, see the Houses of Parliament, visit the Tower of London, and summit a peak, step back in time at the Roman Baths and many other activities.