Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Extra Curricular Activities

As Oasis Academy Bank Leaze, we believe that learning in the class room is only one part of a holistic education.

Extended Learning & Homework

We expect students to reinforce and extend the learning they are doing. To this end, we set regular extended learning tasks. The amount of time students are expected to spend on formal learning outside of the classroom increases as they go through the Academy.

Students are expected to read, learn spellings and times tables daily. In addition, they are given tasks to reinforce current topics at the Academy, focused primarily on tasks in maths and English. These may be extended tasks over a period of time. Exact details for each year group can be found in the parent handbook. We do provide homework clubs for students in Key Stage 2 who wish to complete their additional learning in the Academy rather than at home. 

Wider-Curricular Activities

To further enrich their lives at the Academy, students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. Such activities vary from year to year but may include football, tag rugby, hockey, gardening, film making, art, dance, drama, chess and choir. The current time-table for 2018 - 201 is below:







Lunch Time


  • Choir 




End of the academy day

  • Film Club – KS2 – Miss Owen & Mrs White
  • Forever Sport Bristol Club
  • Yr 3 & 4 Homework Club
  • Yr 5 and 6 Homework 
  • Year 5 Book Group (by invitation) – Mrs Lennox
  • Forever Sport Bristol Club
  • Further Maths – Yr 6 – (by invitation) –Miss Parsons
  • Upper Key Stage 2 Football Club (preference given to pupils in Year 5 and Year 6)

Sporting Aims

We encourage students to participate in competitive sport. This teaches them a range of vital life skills including; aspiration, pride, and humility. The Academy benefits from participating in a range of locally organised competitions and sports festivals.