Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Welcome to our Phonics page

What are the children going to learn? 

At Oasis Academy Bank Leaze, children learn phonics throughout Early Years and KS1. It is taught daily, in short sessions so that children build up and practice the skills they need to use in reading and writing. Practising the sounds correctly is really important!

Click the link below to watch a video which shows you how to say all the sounds that we work on with the children.

How to say the sounds

At Oasis Academy Bank Leaze we follow the Letters and Sounds programme. See the link below to look at the guidance. Your class teacher will be happy to advise which phase your child is working within. Children move to a new phase when they can confidently read and write using these sounds. 

Letters and Sounds Programme

Alongside 'Letters and Sounds' we also use Jolly Phonics actions to teach the individual sounds.  The video below is an example of one of our virtual Covid-19 phonics lessons by one of our EYFS teachers.

Introducing the digraph 'ee'

You can learn more about Jolly Phonics by clicking on the link below: 

Jolly Phonics Programme

Phonic Resources

Press the buttons below to explore resources to support your child with phonics and reading at home:

Letters and Sounds

A brilliant set of resources and games which corresponds with the phases. 

Phonics Play

Another phase related site providing resources and games (some are subscription based but currently free due to Covid-19). 

Oxford Owl

A great site for E-books and further reading support.