Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Bank Leaze Celebrates Opening Academy Swimming Pool

Bank Leaze Celebrates Opening Academy Swimming Pool

We are delighted to announce that our academy swimming pool was completed over the spring term break.

This has allowed us to provide daily swimming lessons to each pupil. Professional swimming coaches from Progressive Sports now come into the academy to give every year group lessons. 

Because the lessons are daily and in small groups, each pupil gets much more time with coaches than in ordinary swimming lessons. This gives them specific guidance on how they can improve. The frequent lessons and consistent feedback ensure each pupil makes optimal progress and sees their swimming ability grow week by week.

One of the coaches that teaches our pupils, Georgie, is a firm believer that swimming lessons in this format are hugely effective.

“I have been teaching swimming for nearly ten years and the progression and benefits you see from teaching swimming in schools compared to standard swimming lessons in leisure centres is outstanding. This is down to the amount of time they have in the water and the consistency of swimming every day.” - Georgie, swimming coach.

Georgie has also noticed that children who struggle with swimming find these swimming lessons much more enjoyable and accessible.

“You build and maintain relationships with the children and they start to trust you and the environment instead of creating a negative perception of swimming. We particularly find this with non-swimmers”. - Georgie, swimming coach.

The pool has also allowed us to improve the extra-curricular activities that we offer, as we now have a swimming after-school club. It’s been great to see the pupils’ desire to develop their swimming, as interest in the afterschool club has been massive. “I love having a swimming after-school club with extra time at the end to play.”  –  Briannah McKenzie, Year 6 pupil.

We’re delighted with the new academy swimming pool and we can’t wait to see how far everybody’s swimming progresses.